Pharmaceutical Dossier Services

Pharma Dossier Compiling / Writing
      Pharmaceutical dossier is highly detailed and exhaustive document on the drugs which requires extensive datas on its various aspects. Dossier compilation requires skills of sourcing, interpreting and writing this document. This process of pharma dossier compilation needs a talented team of pharmacists, data analysts and research assistants. The entire procedure is highly time consuming and costly. For this pharma dossier compilation and writing please feel free to contact us.

Herbal Dossier Compiling / Writing
      Herbal drugs are getting higher acceptance as an alternative medicine. Therefore some countries have started the registration for herbal drugs as well. Recently we are working on compiling and writing herbal dossiers too.

Pharma CTD / ACTD Dossier
      Drug regulatory affairs in pharma industries has mandated two types of dossier namely CTD ( Common Technical Dossier) and ACTD ( Asian Common Technical Dossier ). Regulated pharma markets (eg.USA, Europe ) markets require submission of dossier in CTD format which has to provide clinical trial and bioequivalence studies. As against this, semi-regulated pharma markets (South East Asian and Gulf Countries) require ACTD format which does not require exhaustive details like CTD.

Pharma Dossier Validation
      For successful registration of medicines pharma dossiers validation is very vital. Several countries require some additional and specific drug information which needs to be incorporated in the standardize CTD and ACTD format. So verifying and assuring this match between the specific information required and the dossier prepared is known as pharma dossier validation. This is where we offer you our expert services at an affordable cost.

Pharma Regulatory & Registration Procedures
      Being a highly regulated industry, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs have become very pivotal for all the companies. Pharmaceutical consulting for the registration procedures is indispensable and expensive. For these regulatory affairs pharmaceutical dossiers are key factors wherein we offer our pharma consulting services.

Registration of Medicines
      Due to enormous number of medicines available worldwide, countries have enforce registration procedures for regulating quality. Company registration process is a preceding step for the registration process of medicines. With our contacts we can facilitate both company registration and registration of medicine.

Country List
      ICPC provides pharmaceutical dossiers for almost all the countries of world.
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